Car, driving your car, driving someone else's car, someone else driving your car

  • think of your car as your mental, emotional body
  • your drive, ambition, possibly with a sexual connotation in the dream, do you know where you're going? do you need a map or direction in life?
  • who's doing the driving-are you in charge or is someone else steering you?
  • how does this make you feel? are you taking responsibility for yourself in waking life?
  • is someone trying to dominate you? are you dealing with positive authority or overbearing authority?
  • do you have enough fuel? energy? are you overextending yourself, running out of gas, so to speak? are you allowing balance in your life, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually?
  • can you apply the brakes?
  • do you need to slow down? can you set limits?
  • are you in the correct lane? do you meet a fork in the road? do you need to make a decision?
  • can you focus on your path in life or do you meet obstacles, distractions, collision?
  • avoiding an accident-having an accident-dealing with clashes, conflicts, how you handle these situations
  • road rage-can you manage your anger? do you have unresolved anger? are you transferring your anger onto safer "targets" (to avoid yourself); are you vulnerable to someone's anger?
  • needing to park your car-needing to relax, slow down, take a break
  • mechanical difficulties-note the specific problem and bridge that to waking life feelings

©2007 Dreams - 4/10/2012