Have you ever dreamed about flying
or being chased by a stranger?

Everyone seems to love flying but nobody likes being chased.
That's because of how it feels during those dreams.
People often report they enjoyed flying during the dream and they like talking about it later. They describe feeling free, confident, and without any worries or constraints.
The fun of flying may not be in the height of their flight--perhaps no higher than a building rooftop, but from the ease of movement and the broad view of what is below them.

On the other hand, being chased in a dream is frightening and usually described as a nightmare with no ending. The person chasing may or may not be known to the dreamer, but is described as aggressive, threatening, overwhelming and relentless.

Many people dream of flying, being chased or other similar dream themes, but the meaning of a dream is always personal to each dreamer. From the following examples of common dream themes, see if you can relate to any of the possibilities of meaning with dreams you've had. Dreams create pictures that are symbolic, but the feelings are literal. Try to recall how you felt during the dream and ask yourself when you feel like that in waking life. Note the many different meanings of dream themes and symbols. Ask yourself, what is this dream giving me a picture of? What do I need to pay attention to?

Symbols and imagery are all about getting a picture of something.
Our unconscious communicates in pictures as well as words. To capture our attention, these pictures are exaggerated or beyond our three-dimensional waking experience and hold significant symbolic meaning. By their very nature, there are no black and white definitions of symbols, but there are numerous ways to see your dream pictures as they show you something about yourself.

To explore common dream themes that appear in your dreams, try these guidelines:

  • Retell your dream-in other words, the dream is saying . . .
  • Use symbol meaning suggestions to find associations you can relate to
  • Note how you feel in the dream--when do you feel like that in waking life?
  • Interview yourself--answer questions associated with the symbol

Talking out these symbols will work if you have written out your dream and reread it a few times. Note the dream setting which relates to where you are and what you're dealing with at this time. Sometimes the setting is a symbol in itself, such as "I'm walking in a fog (need to find clarity)" or "My teenage son and I are sitting in a classroom" (lessons in parenting and relationships).

For further help in understanding your dreams and getting started with your dream journal, check out the other links on this website. Also, see the Dream Symbol link for additional symbol meanings.

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