Death of someone

  • change or end of the relationship
  • change or end of the aspect within yourself
  • note the relationship you have with this person: what would it be like to end it?
  • death may also refer to an interest, an endeavor, an aspiration
  • note that most dreams of death do not refer to the actual death of yourself or someone else
  • the dead, to dream of someone who has already passed on
  • often a trait(s) of that person that is active within yourself at this time, or pointing out
  • that you do not have this trait, but to be alert so that you do not acquire it
  • possibly an alert, a nudging from that person-what kind of message is this person bringing?
  • note the relationship you had with this person and how that affects your life today
  • do you need to make peace with this person? this is very important; talk to them, pray about this so that you can be released from negative energy and develop more love within
  • there is no way of "proving" the instance of an actual contact from a deceased person, but many people report this; in fact, they can distinguish between "really seeing" the person
    more ordinary type dreams that include that person; usually a message, an assurance

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