• Soaring, being free
  • Being able soar to new heights, realize goals and ideals, "flying high"
  • Feeling unrestricted, without outside authority or censorship
  • Seeing things from a broader perspective
  • Taking something to a whole other plane
  • Accomplishing something quickly and smoothly free of fear or doubt
  • Pass or accomplish with flying colors, as in acing a test
  • Being flighty, not having your feet on the ground
  • Being indecisive or "up in the air"
  • Flying off the handle, losing your temper, overreacting, taking flight, running away, avoiding
  • Ask yourself about your ideals and goals-dare to soar high, reach a higher plane
  • Ask yourself if you are up in the air or indecisive about something that needs resolution

©2007 Dreams - 4/10/2012