Lynne Larson

Consultation Rates for Dream Discussions

I have a fee range. You can choose from that range what you feel is reasonable and affordable.

A fee range is available for sessions on a longer term basis.

Our sessions may be in person, by phone, or by a combination of phone and e-mail. Within the United States, there is no long distance charge if I call you.

You will also receive some tips on recording your dreams and keeping a journal, so that your time invested is both efficient and fruitful.

he Divine Creator formed us as beings who dream with purpose. While our conscious minds are at rest, we experience dreams that provide a link between our personalities and our higher selves.
Dream exploration is about understanding how this meaning unfolds and is integrated into our daily lives.

As we open ourselves to the gift of dreaming, we can also use dreams to evaluate decisions, seek guidance and resolve conflict. Told through symbols and imagery, dreams literally reveal our feelings and offer concrete messages about personal growth, life purpose and relationships. Dreams are part of the journey of growth—physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

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