to look at something, own up to; face the truth; how you appear

Fall, falling
loss of resources or status; fear of loss; losing the sense of security; take the blame; autumn

qualities in close relation to each other; see specific family member

not depending on external aid; relying on indwelling spirit

life force
God; creator
the “father” of the situation, what brought it on, made it happen
your father in life
the guardian and provider, the caretaker who provides a home, shelter, security
traits you associate with father
your own role as a father
the fatherland

taking in truth; giving in to appetites

Feet, Foot
understanding based on experience
wearing specific shoes, such as having a similar experience (“I’ve been in those shoes.”)
steady on your feet, having a solid foundation, well-being
on your own two feet, independent
on your feet all the time, too busy, needing relaxation, tired
itchy feet, anxious
knocked off your feet, being shocked
jump in with both feet, enthusiasm, total involvement; note if the timing is right for such action
washing feet, mark of humility
pitter-patter of little feet, children, tots
landing on your feet, coming out intact after a precarious situation
taking a stand
putting your foot down, refusing something or insisting on something
barefoot, naïve, vulnerable; also, free-spirited, natural
foot in mouth, saying something inappropriate or embarrassing
foot the bill, pay the price, be responsible
shoot yourself in the foot, spoil things for yourself, ruin things

Feminine Energy
unconscious (as opposed to active, conscious)
passive (not active)
lateral (not linear), being able to take in more than one type of attribute without having to
go in an orderly sequence or without having the attributes/subjects conform

arena of activity; also, pastoral setting

strong desire; passion; aggression; purging, purifying; being tested by life’s experiences

Jesus Christ; also, relating to career choices; searching; fishy, suspicious

emotional upheaval; illusion; deluge, large quantity

virtues; blooming; developing potential

the intellect; higher intelligence

confusion; also, seeing the forest for the trees; great quantity; lost in the forest, alone

source of life

Fowl (bird)
thoughts or aspirations which rise in the air, capable of taking off and flying; foul

latency; icy attitude

result of action (good or bad)