knowledge; thoughts (what grows out of the head)

transition; also, gathering place of related aspects

right hand – active, conscious; left hand – receptive, unconscious
activity, hands on
grasping, note if too tightly
need to reach out and touch, get a hold of something, need to get a handle on
the need to let go
handy, ability, talent
giving a hand, helping hand, being of help
hand in hand, working in harmony, teamwork
hand to mouth, barely making ends meet, eking out a living
handouts, relying on what you can obtain from others or offering help to others
hands tied behind your back, without control or authority, under someone else’s authority
hands off, don’t touch
hands down, winning by a large majority
hands up, up with your hands, behind “held up” or delayed; held for ransom
wash your hands of, detaching yourself from something
offer a glad hand, be friendly, helpful
high-handed, bossy
clenched hand/fist, angry or miserly
have a hand in, take part in, positive or negative

intellect; reason; leading; at the top; as the Mind, for knowing what is true (see Heart)

listening; inner voice

love; caring; core or center; purpose; relating to feelings as opposed to intellect; the heart is for perceiving goodness

opportunity; obstacle to overcome

a gap, void; empty space; female symbol

where you belong and can be your true self; your true identity; source of one’s being: God; childhood home can relate to what you came in to work out in this life

spiritual food

energy, power; relating to vitality and strength; sexuality

place to be healed; indication of the need for healing, either physically or emotionally;
relating to prior personal experience in a hospital, positive or negative, as patient, caregiver or visitor

the physical body
the personality
what you have built in your life
consciousness, mentality “where you live”
the following rooms are places for:
den, family room – relaxation, socializing, recreation
living room (when there is a den) – socializing for special occasions
bedroom – rest, restoration, regeneration of energy, sex, relaxation
kitchen – preparing and eating food, nourishment; health; socialization, connections;
can be the heart of the home; what’s cooking; clean up area
bathroom – cleansing, purification
attic – storage area for items used only occasionally; storage area for valuables, antiques, especially from the past
basement – the subconscious; storage area for unprocessed aspects of the unconscious that will need to surface and be resolved; shadow elements

needs, emotional or physical; passion; wanting to be fed; longing for truth

Husband and wife
mind and emotions; united pair