service to others
place for eating, therefore relating to nurturing and being nurtured
aspect of breaking bread together and socializing
what you bring to the table, what you offer or propose
tabling something, putting it off, postponing, delaying
under the table, underhanded, done in secret, especially a payoff or bribe
under the table, outdoing someone, as in drinking someone under the table

professor; imparting knowledge; learning; gaining knowledge and experience

words, what comes out of your mouth; aggression; sink your teeth into

getting the picture; boob tube; idiot box

the physical body; holy place

the will; passageway for swallowing, so relating to what you take in

train of thought; track; sequence

tree of life – growth, maturity, deep roots, limbs (arms) reaching up to the sky
tree as a person – roots as feet, trunk as legs, branches as the upper body, limbs as arms
tree of knowledge
family tree, your heritage and past
up a tree, stuck
barking up the wrong tree, looking in the wrong place – note what you have invested in this effort and make necessary corrections
tree top, aiming high, reaching for the top
oak tree – might, strength, wisdom
pine tree – purity, cleansing; loneliness; pining
fruit tree – abundance
willow tree – sadness, weepiness; flexibility

female symbol